Foto Friday No:12

foto friday 003


I love old bridges and Deloraine has a beauty! Yes the view from the top is gorgeous but……I find underneath a bridge to be far more interesting. This bridge is home to many pigeons, their gentle call echoes and bounces off the water, the lichen & moss covering the stonework gives some indication to bridges age and the walking paths either side provides you with an opportunity for that close up view. xxxJulie

Foto Friday No:11



The lost letter – Par Avion

This is my friend Joe, we have been writing to each other for over 20 years and over that time we have gone from writing letters, to sending emails, to now facebooking. I don’t mind the method of communication, just as long as we stay in contact. But there is something about letter writing that is lost forever…….Joe’s letters always included her wonderful little drawings, or an apology if her writing was scrappy because she was tired & the funny little gifts she sent me (Joe, I still have them all, including the turtle!) But the main thing lost is that special feeling when you go to the letter box and receive a handwritten letter! I love my friend Joe; she will always be my pen-friend….even if a pen is never used again. Love Julie

Foto Friday No:10



Almost everyday I see an older couple past by my shop window, they are always together, they are always holding hands and they are always chatting to each other. Last night before closing I introduced myself to them, with smiles on their faces they told me that they have been married for well over 60 years – a beautiful couple – forever in love and friends forever.

Foto Friday No:9

31032010 007


Every year these mushrooms pop up in our garden, it doesn’t matter what amount of leaf litter is on the ground, they find a way to push through. With their bright red tops screaming ‘stay away!’ and their delicate gills underneath, they look like they are straight out of a story book.

Foto Friday No:8

foto friday


I have taken many photos of shacks in Tasmania that are no longer used, that are falling down and forgotten. There is something that draws me to them, I love the windows, the doors, the latches on the doors…it goes on. They sit in paddocks deteriorating while the environment around forges on, living, growing and taking over.


Foto Friday No:7

Great Bay, Bruny Island

Photo taken by: Sandra Rofe

Picking only 1 photo for this Foto Friday was difficult! This is Great Bay on Bruny Island, a part of The Black Hen’s history. When I first moved to Tasmania, almost 12 years ago, Bruny Island was our first home…..what an amazing first Tasmanian home! My husband and I lived in a little shack on the beach side; we would regularly row out onto this ‘pond-like’ bay and fish for tea and occasionally you would be treated to a visiting pod of dolphins. This place is magical, healing & ingrained into my memory forever.


Foto Friday No:6



 Today is the day when Restaurant Red hangs their apron up for the last time.

I would like to thank the Red team for making my lunch every now and again, for making my hot chocolates more often than not and for being great neighbours all the time!!! I wish Erin, Tony & all the Red staff the very best – I will miss you. p.s. thanks for all those extra marshmallows.  xxxJulie

Fav Red Meal: Any of the gourmet pizza’s especially the Garlic Prawns! What was yours?